Ice CD, by Carolyn Hillyer

These cold chants and frozen songs speak of ancient lives and lands long hidden, the deepest black of winter, and ice women who emerged from the glacial north. Created during Carolyn’s Arctic journeys, including source recordings made on location. The cold songs tell a very old story about lives and lands long hidden, and memories that lay frozen and wrapped inside 25,000 years of time. The cold songs speak of udegan, ice women who walked out from the glacial north, called out by our ancient foremothers as they grew into their relationship with the primordial spirits of the cold lands. The cold songs honour one thousand generations of ancestor women, and the daughters who still feel the stir of ancient ice within their veins. This album was birthed during Carolyn’s northern journeys, in the deepest black of winter, through the long silence of Arctic nights. It combines icy chants and frozen songs with specially made skin drums including reindeer, horse, copper and salmon; deer toe and hide rattles; bone whistles and jaws harp; as well source recordings made on location in the Arctic of sled and husky, snow and northern lights.