Avalon Within, by Jhenah Telyndru

Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery and Inner Wisdom: throughout the ages, the loom of Celtic Lore and Arthurian Legend has woven a subtle tapestry of symbol and allegory around the Priestess Path found at the heart of the enigmatic Island of Avalon. Drawing upon the vibrant powers of Glastonbury’s Sacred Landscape and the rich heritage of Celtic British mythology, Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery and Inner Wisdom parts the mists of distant memory to reveal a practical foundation in the Avalonian Tradition.

Avalon Within provides potent tools for growth and personal revelation to women who quest for the Holy Isle, offering guidance in using the journeying techniques of Immrama to enter the Sacred Landscape and connect with the archetypal realms of Avalon. Avalon Within presents accessible instruction for developing legendary Avalonian skills, such as the Sight and the art of Glamour, for use in healing the wounds of the soul and unlocking the wisdom of the Priestess Within.

Come walk the labyrinthine pathway of Glastonbury Tor, connect with the Goddesses of Avalon through myth and ritual, and release the potential of the Avalonian Cycle of Healing — an effective paradigm of inner transformation found encoded in the initiatory symbolism of the Cauldron of Ceridwen. Part the mists of illusion, journey across the watery lake of the primal unconscious, and return home at last to the whole and Sovereign Self that awaits you at the core of your being — the essence of Avalon Within.