Crone Times, by Lynne Sedgmore

Lynne’s third poetry collection includes poems that face head on the issues, questions and experiences of life faced by women in their later years.  Lynne reclaims the word Crone by honouring and celebrating the beauty, power, wisdom and fabulous juiciness of the older woman living life to the full, with all her aches and pains, in good humour, joy and high spirits.

Her poems acknowledge also times of loss and the facing of death.

Lynne’s Crones refuse to be invisible or devalued as they express the glory of the older woman and as manifestation of Goddess in the latest stage of life.

I Am Crone

I am Crone
My black feathers rustle and soar
I have lived three score years and welcome more
I face my future content and prepared
So many loves, lives, experiences shared
Many more to come – I thrive in my prime
Make no mistake – this is MY time
I am Crone

I am Crone
My voice crackles, keens, calls and caws
Speaking wisdom from depths of ancient years
Let me share the Goddess truth I hold dear
I chant to release your soul from all fear
I call in the power of kith and kin
The peace beyond all suffering
I am Crone

I am Crone
In the chambers of my dark cave
Waiting for women bold, strong, wild and brave
To come, seek my face in my underworld
Allowing my mysteries to unfurl
My dark energies both good and unkind
Releasing all from ties that bind
I am Crone

I am Crone
Blood, bone, black – darkness incarnate
I bring so much to thrall and celebrate
Journey with me beyond all that you know
Trust in my magic and all it can show
My cauldron brews a potion bitter sweet
A drink to heal, make lives complete
I am Crone

In 2004 Lynne Sedgmore was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire, for services to education. She was named one of the UK’s “100 Women of Spirit” in 2016 and as one of the UK’s most influential people in the 2015 Debrett’s 500 list.