Muddy Mysticism, by Natalie Bryant Rizzieri

Muddy Mysticism: The Sacred Tethers of Body, Earth, and Everyday is a heartfelt response to the lack of mystical literature by those who have chosen to be bound by the eros and gravity of family, love, work, and the world. It is a lyrical articulation of an emergent feminist mysticism. Through prose and poetry, Natalie explores the possibility of direct experience with the divine beyond the bounds of a particular belief system. She advocates that ordinary life in the modern world is not something to be transcended or escaped but is a mystical path in its own right.  Muddy Mysticism offers consolation to those who feel the truth and bewilderment that the late German Jesuit priest, Karl Rahner, touched upon when he said that the only way a person would survive with an intact faith in this century is by being a mystic.